The Primal Wound

by Dalva Church

All of us have a primal wound. It doesn’t come from birth trauma, or our parent’s inevitable mistakes. It comes from the fact that we came to this earth. We went from being completely interconnected in every way with all that is, and become chipped off, separated, fragmented. We are not truly disconnected, but the difficulty of seeing things the way they truly are through a limited human form makes it seem that way.

Imagine being able to always know everything, and suddenly the vastness of all knowledge is chopped off, compressed, into a human mind. Like separating a laptop from the internet, we go from knowing everything, to knowing only what we can cram into the memory available to us.

Imagine being a part of infinite love, and suddenly, being removed from that complete security, and being brought into a realm of pain, where we can never be sure we are loved, where fear rules. Love becomes a fleeting experience, instead of a way of being.

Communication, too, is cut off. It becomes a complicated process of words, patterns and images, during which people can lie and misrepresent, instead of being an organic flow that is always truth, because there is no break between “you” and “I”.

It is no wonder, then, that we all feel lonely and alienated. It is no wonder that people feel a profound sense of dissatisfaction with life. The essence of who we are is cut off from our daily experience.

That connection isn’t gone, however. Our essence still is that of complete connection to the whole. Science has proved that meditation re-writes the brain, and has positive health benefits. Perhaps this is because meditation takes us closer to the state of oneness that is our true home.

You can find your connection. Nature walks, giving of yourself, yoga, silence, deep connection to others, loving action, all help us to reconnect.

Understand and honor the wound. Just don’t let it make you believe that you really are disconnected. You aren’t.

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