Game Theory of Life

by Dalva Church

This is all a game.

Think about it. It isn’t a school. So many spiritual teachers embrace and pursue the theory that we come into the world to learn spiritual lessons, but let’s consider that. You come from a place of all knowing and all loving. So, what would you come here to learn? Your spirit/Highest Self knows all there is to know already.

It isn’t a bad idea live by this plan, trying to learn and grow— at least you pay attention and behave well. However, that isn’t enough for enjoying life.

None of it makes sense – real sense –until you realize you chose to play the game of life on earth, so you agreed to abide by the rules. The rules start out simple—don’t remember where you came from, or who you really are. Pick a character. Choose the setting you live in. It all begins just like any game you have ever played.

All of life is completely arbitrary, just like rules in any game. There are no inherent values or meanings. We have created the rules together, so we can play.

Let’s break it down:

Language: Words, sounds, squiggles on paper we call letters— we just agree that they mean whatever we decide they mean.

Money: meaningless. It has no more value than Monopoly money. Most of what we spend today is just digital information, flying around in the air. How is this valuable? I think it is not. Even gold, silver, jewels are not valuable, really. Not useful. Not important. We just say they are; so we treat them that way. That’s pretty arbitrary, wouldn’t you say? Some argue it takes lots of work to gain those things. True. it takes lots of work to gain potatoes as well, but they don’t hold the same value per ounce, do they? And you can’t eat gold if you are hungry. “But it’s beautiful!” people say. True, so are dandelions. “But those things are rare!” Not really. Do you have any idea how many diamonds there are in the world? They are not rare. Not now. It’s all arbitrary— how we dress, what we think is food, what we believe to be beautiful or attractive, how we behave if we are considered well-mannered by our culture—

all arbitrary. All of these “rules” only true to the extent that a group of people agree on the behavior or object and its meaning. It’s a game. At any point, you can decide to stop following the rules, stop agreeing that the rules are valid, or indeed, agree that the rules exist at all.

No rules.

Part of the deal of playing the human game is that we pretend that what may just be a giant hologram is real and solid and important. There’s plenty of proof this is not the case. Do a little digging in quantum theory and you figure out pretty quickly that the solidity of the universe is a fiction. Not only that, but people have come along and essentially shown that it is all a farce. Jesus, taking a coin out of a fish’s mouth to pay his taxes is an ultimate example. He knew none of it is real and made that point over and over. Many other ancient stories have characters who show that same knowledge. It isn’t real—not solid, not important. Jesus even showed that death isn’t real. The Buddhists call the world Maya—Illusion. None of this is real.

Why is it important to be aware of this? Think of how different your life would be if you had no more stake in winning that promotion at work than you have in winning a game of Scrabble. What if you knew that at the end of “life” you would just put down the character of your self and think what a good game it all was? Would you invest so much energy in pawns and game pieces, play money, and other characters in the game who aren’t real? Would you worry about things that have such a small amount of importance in the larger scheme of things?

Also, if you don’t feel that the rules are based on any kind of firm reality, you are free to bend them or leave them behind. Society’s rules are attempts to control most people. If you know this, you no longer can be controlled.

Take a few minutes today and imagine your life as a game. When you see it that way, how will you play it different? Try it out in your imagination.

The question is—how do you want to play this? Do you want to live taking every moment as if it were of eminent importance— as if following the rules of life, of your family, of your country, of your society, of your brain, of the illusion are real and serious?

Or, are you going to play and have fun?

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