Working With Stones from Soul Search Cards: Part 1

By Jessica Osborn

Stone frequencies are one of the easiest forms of “other” to embrace into your form.

Many first foragers into metaphysics start with stones and crystals.  I, too, began there.  When I would enter an old rock-hound store full of dusty specimens and unusual rock formations, my knees would begin to shake, my palms got sweaty, and I would literally become dazed and confused. I forgot about anything other than the stones.  Each stone I held would cause a different reaction in my hand: prickly, a feeling of humming, or a calming and soothing effect. Each stone presented itself to me and explained how I could utilize its energy.

Some of the information has made its way into our Soul Search cards, which are available now!  Here are some that are in the deck, and some additional exercises.

Stone Exercises

Rose Quartz: hug yourself and say, “I love you” to yourself and mean it.  Then find 5 qualities of yourself that you love. Write the 5 things down.  Hug your rose quartz to your heart and say,” I love you, you are:” and insert your 5 qualities here.

Carnelian:  See your own child-likeness, and love and accept this child-being, saying, “I forgive and accept you”  3 times.

Rhodochrosite: tap your breastbone with the stone and tell yourself, “ I feel good.”  Tap yourself with the stone on each word.

Citrine: Hold the citrine and say, “I am” clapping along with each word, repeating 5 times.

Chrysoprase: Sit with knees clasped and rock gently.  At the apex of each rock say, “I am whole.”  Do this 5 to 20 times.

Purple Fluorite: Focus on one thing you would like to change within yourself. Hold the stone to your 3rd eye and  visualize yourself changed in this area.

to read part 2, click here: More tips for working with stones


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