Dream Spell- Your Energetic DNA

By Jessica Osborn

Jose Arguelles– an artist, visionary and author of “Surfers of the Zuvuya” brought us the Harmonic Convergence in the 1980s.  As a descendant of the Mayans, he began studying the Mayan culture and the Calendar. In a vision, he saw what to him looked like a space ship’s control panel and saw the connection of the calendar, the center of the Universe, and the mother earth ship that was our vehicle to the 5th realm of existence.  

The Mayans believed that all energy emanating from the center of the universe, and in energetic waves, moved outward to the farther edges of the universe.  These waves were made of consciousness, creating structure for life to follow. Each large consciousness construct, was made of smaller and more defined ideas of beingness.  This guide to an aware life is the blueprint for all creatures. The idea structures resonate out to the worlds in 65 waves, then repeat.

This was the idea behind the 2012 end of time, because the Mayan calendar stopped repeating itself.  Perhaps they ran out of stone, or perhaps the messages that are now being put forth from the center have changed.

A Mayan birth reading uses the year and date of your birth.  With this a reader can find your guiding idea structure that came into you at birth.  This idea may either be your guiding principle in life, or the very thing you fight against.  In your reading, (usually) after your birth date, other waves imbue you with idea structures that begin to create the core energy structures of your being.  By reading your structures, you can gain the wisdom most people search their entire life for– value of self.

These idea structures are who you are, whatever class, race, religion, or country you grew up in.  They are in some ways your moral compass, or conversely, the very epitome of your negative energy. How you wish to express your ideas is your choice, but to choose different idea structures to rule your being is not a choice.

Most of us do not value the gifts we have because they come to us so easily.  We crave to be, or have, the gifts of others, which is hard work because our energy doesn’t flow that way.   

Dream Spell shows you how your energy works so you can benefit from who you are and regard your gifts as they are– special to you.  Each reading contains 5 energies. Your higher self, your personality, the hidden power that grounds you, energies that support you and energies that challenge you.

One gentleman I read, told me how he needed to record my reading because he had no memory to retain the information.  As the reading progressed, it became clear that all his energies except one had washed over him in his first few days of life.  The exception was his challenge, his memory was ahead of him. One of his greatest gifts was that of prescience: knowing something would happen that was harmful to himself so he could avoid it.

Each of us brings our frequencies  to earth, and when we are all operating within our own frequency, the planet can sing in harmony with the universe.

This is a quote from the Acknowledgements of the Dream Spell book;  “Note to User, Dream Spell is the door to the infinite. In it’s presentation, the parts are complete.  The text, however can only give facts of the Dream Spell’s wholeness. There can never be a complete version except in the wholeness of its higher dimensional form.  The user must determine on which facts to focus upon. That one focus can open up vistas not included in the text.” I include this because I know other users who focus on other facts and have not spent time on the energetic core structures.  This work that I do is because I am a 6 Mirror– I reflect all those who seek me.

You may have a reading done simply by sending an email with your request and birth day.  Please include your phone number,. The reading takes between 60 and 75 minutes. I will record our conversation and sending you that, plus your Energetic Core Structure, and all other paperwork I create.  A single reading is $120.00. If you want a comparison chart for you and someone else, seeing how you work together energetically, it is $150. Family trees can be done, death readings can be done and age progression readings.

With age progression readings, the most important thing to remember about DreamSpell is that, after age 52, you start your energy cycle again.  So the you that was buried under so much expectation from others, can now begin to grow as you were meant to!

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