Tune in to All That Is

By Dalva Church

Let there be light. That was the start of it all—the birth of duality. All was no longer one, but two. All began with the divine feminine/masculine as one, with all possibilities there, latent, inherent, everything, everywhere, the all. Suddenly, the She is penetrated by the divine male— that which chooses one of the infinite possibilities, collapses the wave function in quantum speak, and creates a particular thing. A one, rather than the all. The father away one gets from this event, the more rules there are, the more solid reality feels. Magic and miracles are close to the all-mother, but far from the one-father.

There is no one on this planet who can teach you what you want to know. Learning what you want to know comes from getting in touch again with the all. How to do this you ask? Go inward, not outward. Breathe into yourself, hear from your heart, listen to the song of your soul: that is how you hear from the all.

Take some time today to hear from your soul. Listen to the subtle messages of your feelings. Pay attention to how your body feels when you are in different situations. When someone is speaking to you, how did they make you feel? Most importantly, spend time in silence listening to yourself. Spend time in nature, noticing what animals show up, how trees sound, what the wind feels like caressing your face.

If you want to experience the all that is, the fact that all when and where is now and here, you have to get out of your head. Your brain cannot process, understand, or experience the omnipresent omniscience. Your brain is just a computer. To access experience on that level, you must live from another base besides your brain. You have to live from your heart, which is the connecting point for all of your selves all of your lifetimes, all of your soul. Only the heart can experience all of your soul at once. Once you understand that what you think of as “you” is just a tiny part of a larger you: the you that is experiencing many different lifetimes life forms, and experiences, all happening simultaneously, because there is no such thing as time or space; then you understand that you can tune into, and experience, all of those things at once.

Your brain cannot do this. It can only access one experience at a time, or more accurately, it can only form one experience at a time. So, since your brain can only look at one reality at a time, you have to use another part of you— one not trained through the seeming experience of time, socialization, family, societal, or corporate brainwashing, or – to fixate on a single, supposedly real, reality. To access your full self, your soul, which is split into many dreams of third dimension, you must use your heart. To access your higher full self, which is split into multidimensional selves, you must go even higher than that, and use your spirit or infinite self. At the highest level we are all one, we are all creators, we are all love. To gain access there, one must be beyond form all together.

Working with tarot, crystals and stones, animal totems, prayer, meditation, and spiritual practice are all helpful tools in getting closer to the one.

We are working on a deck of cards to help people tune in to the voice of the higher self that uses the strengths of these methods. The deck will be available after January, 2019. If you are interested, please email us at highestselffoundation@gmail.com.

The first 20 pre-orders will receive the deck book and stones for the price of the system without stones-  $24.95. This is a 30% discount off the normal price.

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