A Daily Intent

by  Jessica Osborn


“ My intent is to see and understand, with clarity, the Divine Will within my life path.”


This intent has been a long quest for most of us.  The words may vary slightly with each of us, but the content of the intent remains.  In stating a quest ( an act of looking) as an intent (a form of action), one means to take action in the now and not look to the future for aid.  Once this shift of perception occurs, one can see and understand what has kept one from taking action.


Many of us search the future, with cards, pendulums and physics, to assure ourselves that we are correct and on the right path.  We do this so that we can trust and believe in ourselves enough to do “it”. “It” being what one is SUPPOSED do here: our service agreement with the Divine.


Wanting to know the whole picture is our attachment, what that keeps us off-balance.  We so want to see the entire agreement, to understand what we are to do before we do it.  And, because we can not see “it” clearly, we begin to doubt “it” was ever there. The doubting is not new, it is always with us. The doubt is always bringing up self-worth beliefs and trust issues.  We tell ourselves to trust the universe, yet trusting ourselves is oh-so- difficult. Our self-doubt projects, if we allow it, to encroach upon the way we experience the universe, causing us to wonder if there really is any purpose to life.


Here my insight occurred. In the midst of doubt and wonder, I realized clarity was the real issue.  That is the key in structuring an intent. To be clear in seeing and understanding. To be clear means nothing obstructs the view of self.  Core beliefs about self can cloud one’s vision. Removing negative beliefs about self increases clarity and increasing and clarity makes it increasingly easier to see what is not natural to one’s larger being.


As these beliefs begin to shed, so too does the reactive emotional attachment one has to them.  Now, while one’s vision is clearing, one can see they are doing exactly what what they need to. Cleary trust yourself, trust that you will not get in your own way.


Set this intent each day, knowing that you will will see just enough of the path to help you move forward with meaning and in alignment with your soul path. As you look back on your path, you can more clearly see your life working itself out. Instead of trying to see the future, look for what is right in front of you to do, what aligns right now with your highest values.

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