Becoming Lawless

by Dalva Church

You cannot live from the heart by relying on rules. We must take every moment as it comes and respond appropriately. Even a law we tend to think we all agree on, such as though shalt not kill, cannot be followed as an unbreakable rule. First of all—the law has no specifics. Plants? Animals? People? Enemies? Think how many times a day you break this rule. If you step on an ant, swat a mosquito, eat a hamburger, have an animal put to sleep, become a soldier, are in an accident, defend your family—are you forever condemned? This is where and why we need the flexibility of living from the heart.

If you are living from the heart, you need no laws to tell you not to kill as a way of solving problems. Yet, you also do not feel guilty for unknowingly crushing an ant, slapping a mosquito, or even protecting your child. The heart, but not the mind, which will justify every kind of harmful behavior, is a tender judge. Having the rule creates guilt and a need for expiation. Living by heart creates both freedom and the ability to make right choices based on individual cases.

The innovators, great artists, and inventors of all history did not become great by following convention. They stepped outside of all systems and went inside to speak the truth they found there. Think about it: Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, all refused to fit in, follow rules, do the “right” thing. Where would the world be now without people such as Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, refusing to fit into their societies or follow the rules? All of them resisted the force that would have us fit in ever-smaller boxes of behavior, looks, and lives.

People who tried to break out of those tiny boxes without the use of heart becomes sociopaths psychopaths. They are not truly breaking away from this narrowing force, because their actions return to that modern rule of self-interest. The actions of people who do not care for others are a result of belief in the lies of modern society. They are heartless, and it shows in their behavior. It is so simple to break out of this game and to return to the true nature of reality.

Listen to your heart. Live from it. It will bring you home. It helps if you take a few minutes throughout the day to tune into what your heart is telling you in each situation. It helps if you examine your beliefs and see which ones are hard and fast rules that cannot be broken, and which ones actually are allowing you to live from the heart.

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