A Metaphor for How We Left Knowledge of Oneness Behind

By Dalva

My understanding of how life came to its current state is as follows.

Pease know that this is my metaphor. It works as well as any metaphor does, but no metaphor contains absolute truth. It is just a word picture and an aid to understanding things that the mind cannot fully grasp.

When this universe was first created as a place of play, time was not constant or steady, and neither was matter. We could move in and out of both as we choose, creating and destroying. We could play with form and ideas and try what it felt like to separate from the all-forever. All cultures have stories that tell of the gods—beings that were a precursor to humans. These were beings still in touch with the All—not feeling bound by any rules. Then, perhaps as being became more fragmented, perhaps because of experiments with beings being born into the world instead of entering directly, some forgot that they were just playing a game and started to forget they were creators.

They forgot they were part of the all-forever. Reality became more and more agreed upon and more seen as what is real. The true reality of the all-forever was forgotten, the universe became more dense and the shared experience more fixed. Time became more regulated and so did many physical laws at the macro level. At the quantum level, or the programming level, to use our computer game analogy, things still can be seen to be working in a very flexible, flowing, all possibilities, creative way.

Experience now feels fixed and unchanging and people feel trapped. Modern people look back on stories from the past and think them a fiction. How could there be Dragons? Tree spirits? Why not? if creation was in a state of many possibilities, then beings between worlds could also be possible. Stories about beings that were not bound by natural laws exist everywhere. Perhaps, those stories remind us of what was.

Now, life feels so set that most people have completely lost touch with their true being. They feel stuck as a character in their video game. The next few articles will talk about ways to begin breaking free from the programming, and living a life that is more authentic.

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