Looking for The Cheat Codes to Life

by Dalva

Just as people can get caught up in games and forget that games are not real, people can get caught up in life. They can forget that it is only play. Life’s rules are not real or true. They are agreed-upon conventions that we choose to take on to play the game. At any time, in any place, in one moment—people can stop playing. Just like that. People like Jesus, who just didn’t abide by the rules, tend to frighten those who think inside the game. Those kind of people seem to do miraculous things because they just won’t abide by the conventions of, not just society, but of life on earth itself.

Think about it—when you play Monopoly, for example, is there really any reason you have to roll dice to decide how far to move? Couldn’t you play using ice cubes instead of pieces and sell land for favors or for Popsicle sticks instead of Monopoly money? Of course you could, but few people ever do. Most people say, “But a game would be no fun without rules. Everyone would do whatever they wanted— it would be chaos.” So, we agree to rules.

For the same reason, we agreed to rules when we incarnated on this planet, in this universe. To share a common experience, instead of an individual one. Now, the reality of these rules has become so dense that we have forgotten that the rules are of our own creation. The game of life seems more like a video game where the world is not created or agreed upon by us, and we must follow the rules of the game. Must we? Those familiar with gaming programming can easily find cheats and hacks that allow them to circumvent the way the game is played and its limitations and consequences. All it takes to control life, instead of the other way around, is to be aware of the underlying programming and understand it enough to sidestep the normal game play.

Let’s consider some evidence that this reality is not quite as solid as we tend to believe it is. Even our agreed-upon, shared reality is not experienced the same way by everyone. This is something we all know, but rarely think about. We’ve all heard the cliché about people on the witness stand not being able to agree upon what happened. Recent studies have shown that most people’s memories are less than 30% accurate. You are creating, not experiencing, 70% or more of your reality. You are creating the majority of your life, even in our highly-mechanized, and largely agreed-upon, macro world. So, if you’re creating your experiences, then you can change them.

So how to find the cheats? How to get to the underlying programming?

The First Step: knowing that this is just an illusion, like a video game. You cannot lose. You ultimately be destroyed. You are eternal. This sounds simple, but the rational mind tends to resist that knowledge. It gets caught up in the game.

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