Cheat Code 2: Beyond Belief

by Dalva

Step 2: begin deconstructing your belief systems.

(Be sure to check out previous posts, especially Becoming Lawless, and Changing Your Life Story for help with this)

Belief systems keep you trapped in a constructed life you are not enjoying. Belief systems of any kind— religious, spiritual, social, nationalistic, political— serve as a way to enslave people into particular creation experiences. Belief systems give power to a few and take power away from individuals.

Why, throughout most of human history, have people submitted to these systems that make them so miserable? Why, for instance, would a person in India born as an untouchable just accept the limits of being born into that caste? Let’s consider. Belief systems are something we are born into. We take them for granted and rarely question them. They are like the air we breathe—we don’t think about it unless we are smothering.

A belief system takes away all responsibility. If you have a belief system, then you need not think, act independently, make tough decisions, or do the work of creating your reality. Reality has already been created for you. Being in a state of not knowing feels uncomfortable for most people. A belief system removes this discomfort. Think about it: when was the last time you, or anyone you know, admitted they didn’t know something happily? Even something unknowable, like whether there’s a God or not is an issue that can’t be resolved—yet people will fight and kill for their belief. Can anyone religious know that they will go to heaven? Really know this? Can an atheist really know that there is no God? Can anyone prove any of these things? Yet, how many arguments, wars, and deaths have there been because of these beliefs?

This sounds harsh, I know, but you cannot be free and also be in a belief system. The belief system creates for you; it makes your mindset, which then creates your world.  Beliefs are programs that run all the time, and determine how you see the world.

Being in such a belief system of any kind is easy and comfortable. We have all been socialized to give our power over to others in this way. Our politicians take power from us to create our external experience. Our friends and family take power from us to create who we believe we are. Our social system, now media-driven, creates our beliefs about how we should look and behave. Our educational and religious systems tell us how to think.

What is left for us to create?

If you truly understand that your worldview, thoughts, and mindset create your experience, can you see how belief systems take that power away from you? If you carefully study the great teachers, you will see that what they advocated was freeing yourself from any such system. Why do you think Jesus was so dangerous that he had to be killed? Because what he said, what he actually said, was that religion was a trap and a burden. He ignored social norms and rules, and the government. The irony of course, was that people later used his life and words as an excuse to create oppression using all those things. To oppress in his name was the only way to remove the power of his words.

You cannot live a spontaneous self-created life from your heart if you allow anyone else to tell you what to think, how to look, how to behave, or what to do. This kind of freedom is scary to most people. They can’t accept it, because doing so also means that they are mostly responsible for what gets created in their lives.

Are you ready to step up and be yourself, instead of living by external programming?

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