Using Stones from Soul Search Search cards Part 2

by Jessica Osborn

These exercises are meant to be done while holding the stone in question, or the Soul Search stone card.  Choose a stone that keeps repeating itself in your Soul Search readings, or a stone that has a particular aspect or value you want to bring into your energy.

Lace Agate:  Sit and breathe for 5 min.  Pull the air deeply in through your nostrils all the way into your stomach.  Let the breath out slowly through the mouth.

Aquamarine:  Sit, close your eyes, and stretch your arms out to the sides.  With the index finger of both hands, alternate touching your nose.  Do not think where your nose is, trust your fingers. Do this for 5 min.

Opal:  Whatever emotions you are feeling– happiness, love, anger, boredom– sit and breathe deeply.  With each inhale say the name of your current feeling in your mind. Exhale that feeling.

Peridot:  Picture what you truly desire from life.  Picture the concept of what you desire not necessarily a specific person, place, or thing. Let the concept arise in your mind out of the feeling that you want from your desired outcome.  Say “I am this.” 3 times.

Green Fluorite:  Think of some new idea you either learned or thought today. Congratulate your mental body for understanding this new thing.

Tiger Eye: Think of  your day. Think of an obstacle you faced, or how you were stopped from doing something.  Think of 3 ways to get around the obstacle.

Topaz:  See yourself in the movie of your life.  Today were you the victim, the hero, the villain  or the apathetic bystander? Rewrite the movie in your imagination to star in whatever role you choose.  

Moonstone:  Play at least 5 minutes of music that quiets you.  Then play at least 5 minutes of music that makes you happy.

Azurite:  Admit to yourself one persona or behavior you present to people that is not really you.  There has to be at least one.

Bloodstone: Think of one thing that someone has done that hurt you.  How did it make you feel? Do you do that thing to others?

Fire Agate: Each of us has a feeling of what our life is meant to be.  Say the first thing that comes to your mind after you ask,” What is mine?”  Are you living up to it?

Garnet: Remember something that you did for someone else that made you feel good.  Thank yourself for doing that thing.

Watermelon Tourmaline: Sit and speak with all 4 of your bodies–physical, mental, spiritual, emotional.  Ask about their well being. Listen to them, each has something to say.

Obsidian: Stomp your feet and say the 1st thing that comes to your mind with anger.  Stomp until you know the cause of your anger and stomp once more as you release it.

If you missed part 1, catch it here: Stones Part 1

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