Feeling Disconnected from Source

by Jessica Osborn 

There comes a time in most of our lives when we don’t feel connected.  This may manifest is several ways: an unhappiness that is deep and unfounded, a lack of knowing– if you are intuitive– or a difficulty in finding your interior life.  There are other ways that manifest when you feel disconnected from Source, all unique to you, but these three signs seem to be prevalent.

The disconnect is from the personality, or ego, side of self.  Soul or spirit is still there waiting for the inner turmoil to quiet so it can be heard.The most obvious method is to meditate to reconnect.  Sometimes this works, but often we fidget or find our mind roaming. A cycle of haranguing ourselves usually follows. This negativity about our self only widens the perceived gap, creating more frustration and even the belief we “aren’t good enough” anymore.

To become more attached to spirit, take a walk somewhere private in nature.  As you are walking, open your mind and speak in a stream of consciousness. That may take the form of a conversation with the trees, or fairy folk and Divas of the woods.  It might take the shape of a song. Allow your being to be open to whatever comes from your soul, to your mind, to your mouth without censorship. Your soul will talk you back into connection.

Once you have reconnected in nature, you can begin to use that feeling and any information you receive to continue bridging the gap.  The stronger your connection, the less the sadness or any other symptoms of feeling disconnected. This is one way for you to get back to yourself.

If you can’t or don’t want to walk, try writing from a stream of consciousness.  This puts censorship on the sidelines and lets the word energy flow. Begin writing from a large focus about your emotions, what you are feeling when you feel disconnected. Once you have started, allow whatever comes to come.  

There are numerous ways to bridge that felt disconnect.  Experiment, find where you are physically happy, and start there. Allowing a stream of consciousness is the way to trick the subconscious into letting the soul speak.

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