Cheat Code Four: Shift to Love

Living in love removes the training and belief system overlays that society has given us and allows us to genuinely respond to people, rather than reacting out of pain or fear. When your mindset about others changes, the others you run into change as well. You are creating your interactions, from a higher level, after all. When you perceive people as your enemies, guess who you will run into? You’ll run into your enemies, because you are creating enemies. When you perceive people as just like you–brothers and sisters—and love them, you’re creating love. That is what you will then run into.

This is usually a process, however. You were socialized to live in a world of enemies, and you have to root out those habits. This means that you will run into a lot of enemies until you have dealt with those feelings.

An Exercise for Shifting

Here’s a simple exercise to shift to love. Whenever you find yourself overwhelmed by negative emotions, take a moment to shift your attention to your heart. Really feel your heartbeat.  Allow a sense of warmth to grow in the region of your heart. Feel it expanding through your chest. As this warmth grows, think of someone that you love very much. You might think of a pet that is beloved, a child, a friend, a parent, or anyone living or dead who you love with all your heart. Think of this person and allow the warmth in your heart and your feelings about this person to grow until they fill your entire body and you feel a sensation of love going out towards this person. Visualize your love going to them from your heart and reaching them and then looping back to you in the shape of the Infinity symbol. Then allow the love to reach out again from your heart, and to loop back again from theirs, until you can send a constant movement of love between them and you, and the warm loving feelings in your heart just seem to grow beyond your heart, beyond your body, and into the atmosphere around you.

Taking just 1 to 3 minutes to feel this way will change your entire outlook and make it easier for you to offer loving kindness to those around you. It will also create more love in your world as you approach things from the standpoint of love instead of from pain or fear.

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