Let’s Talk Greater and Lesser Energy

by Jessica Osborn

In the Reiki writings on this site, I speak about Reiki interchangeably with the term “energy”.  The Japanese symbol for Reiki, the congee, is broken down to read “ghostly atmosphere”. So when one is using Reiki, one is using ghostly atmosphere, or consciousness.  This atmosphere can also be called spirit, energy, frequency, wave particles, quarks or any other word religion or science cares to call everything that pervades all that is around and in us.  

I choose to use the word “energy”, since it has no religious or scientific connotation. Energy is a word we use for many things and is therefore a neutral word.  “I like your energy” “I don’t have enough energy” “The energy in this room seems down.” Energy is a neutral word that has many inferences.

Most people feel energy or “something” even if they can’t verbalize it or rationalize it.  Maybe you sense someone has a certain attitude towards you, but they won’t comment when asked about it.  This happens to us quite a bit as children, especially if our parents are in a tense discussion they don’t want us to know about. The problem is, we do know something and our little imaginations run wild.

So, now you understand how I mean “feel the energy” in this context.  When a person chooses to widen their awareness, such as with consciousness raising classes, Yoga, or spiritual classes like Reiki, they begin to raise their ability to collect more energy.   Consciousness is energy, thought is energy. So as a person begins to alter their thoughts and consciousness they alter and expand their larger mental body.

As one begins the journey of awareness, one’s energy is at a stagnant level.  This energy level has working pathways embedded in it for interaction. Buttons, silent contracts, and the good old “you always…”  are some of the thought balloons embedded in the energy of every person. As your awareness begins to shift and change, those old thoughts no longer carry the message to you.  You are no longer in a stagnant energy rut.

This change in your energy causes confusion to those around you who participate in your thought patterns.  Acquaintances will react in a confused manner, saying things like, “Did you cut your hair?” or, “Did you lose weight?”  They will notice something has changed, but will not be combative with you.

However, those closest to you, even if they are aware that you are taking your class, reading your books, and working on change, will viscerally react to your change.  Some will be more affectionate and want to be closer to you, to bask in your newly found energy. This is the response from those who are in tune and sympathetic to your new energy and wish to be around the greater you.  However, the only credit you can take for this “greater” energy they feel is the amount of classes, studying or other work you have done to raise your awareness. You are not greater than they are. You just carry more energy.

Others will attack you for absolutely no reason you can find.  This is the greater and lesser conflict. When a person feels, whether consciously or not, that your energy has changed and they can not use the same thought patterns any more, there is a natural feeling of being different.  Depending on the relationship rules, and the predisposition of the person, the feeling they have of being lesser will emerge. Again, no one will be able to put a finger on the reason they feel this way, yet they do. The reaction to feeling lesser is to attack, begin a fight, to do whatever it takes to lower the other one’s energy, to have you come down to their level.

It is all too easy to lower someone’s energy or consciousness when that energy is new and not established.  It doesn’t take much prodding for others to get you to lower yourself to their energy. Once back to your old energy state, it is amazing how the fight dissipates.  However, they are not lesser than you, they only carry less awareness, which can be changed.

You are in control of your own energy and consciousness.  Whether in traffic, with a loved one, or simply watching the news, you decide your reaction, you decide how you want your energy level to display.

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