Cheat Code Seven: Getting Clear on Who You Really Are

Most of us have very little idea of who we really are. The actual self is buried under layers of conditioning from family, friends, media, and culture.
If you want to know how conditioned you are, look at all of the things you put after the words “I am.” I am hungry, lonely, sad, ugly, happy, beautiful, needy, a lawyer, a student, a teacher, a Reiki Master, a healer, a psychic, a baker, smart….

All of the things listed above are states of being. They are not who you are. Yet, all of us have identified ourselves with these states of being, and many others besides.
If you have been working on shifting to a state of love, you realize that the you which emanates from heart-centered consciousness is a very different you than any of the states of being that you can experience.

As we discussed in Cheat Code Six: End the Resistance denying any state of being is not helpful either. A slight shifting from identification to experience can make all the difference here.

Instead of saying to yourself, “I am sad,” you say to yourself, “I am experiencing sadness right now.” This change allows you to accept and experience without becoming stuck in the emotion.

When you do something well and receive rewards or accolades, saying, “I am experiencing success and acclaim right now,” keeps you from becoming puffed up.
When you make a mistake, saying, “I am experiencing a mistake right now,” keeps you from finding new ways forward.”

The other thing that changing your self-talk and understanding about feeling-states and experience-states can do for you is to begin moving you away from identifying with anything that happens in the physical world. If you realize that neither success nor failure, neither praise nor blame, neither good nor bad action, has any ultimate meaning about who you are, then you can begin to make contact with who you truly are.

Shift your attention to your heart. Picture someone that you love (this can be a pet, a historical figure, your child, or anyone for whom you can feel unconditional love) and allow the feeling of love to grow as large as it can. Now, let go of your mental picture and feel the energy of your heart expanding until it fills your whole being. What does this energy feel like? That is the core essence of you. That you is beyond space/time and beyond conditioning.
This is the place where you can now create from a place of love.

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