Who Are You?

by Dalva

Everyone is the chosen one. Everyone is the savior. Everyone is the hero if they want to be. This is why we love the story of the Messiah, the hero, the savior of the world, or of the people— so much. Deep inside we all know we are THE ONE.

The true name of anything, or anyone, the magic of the naming that the ancients wrote about, is not a word that can be spoken. The true name is beyond words, it is beyond thought. It is the name of our true selves—the self that cannot be put into words. The self that we barely know. The true self—the true name is a vibration, a set of notes, a sensation, an energy. The ancient Hebrews could not pronounce the name of God because it was not a word. God is beyond words by nature. All words, when applied to God, are blasphemy.

In the same way, the true self of everyone is beyond language. To apply labels to ourselves, or to any other, is equally blasphemy.

People take so many actions and belong to so many groups because they want to feel a sense of belonging, a sense of being a part of something larger than the self. Thus, people belong to social groups, follow sports teams, work hard for a Corporation, get married, have families, go to parties, even engage in long term plans of world domination, just to get that feeling of belonging. All of it is unnecessary.

You already belong to the universe— to this earth, to the human race.

You are already part of something much larger. Close your eyes and stretch your feelings out beyond your skin. Feel your kinship with all that lives. Feel how you fit perfectly into the balance and pattern of the cosmos—all that is, was, and ever will be.

Separation of Earth and Sky

There are seemingly endless myths about creation, and a theme that arises in many of them is that of the separation of earth and sky. The stories tend to run along the same lines. Earth and Sky are joined together, and then something comes along that pushes them apart and keeps them separate forever. This is always a sad happening in the stories, but it is sometimes seen as necessary for life on earth to come into being. As with many mythological similarities across cultures, this theme points to a greater underlying concept that flows across times and space.

What if our essence— soul, sprit, call it what you will— was separated at some point from our bodies? What if powerful, creative beings came to play in the 3-dimensional realm, and at some point got separated from a part of themselves? What parts of you have been lost?

Living Backwards

Neurology and psychology have made some fascinating discoveries in recent years. Among them is detailed knowledge of how we make decisions. It turns out that we begin to take actions before we have consciously made a decision.  After an action is taken, we then fill in our reasons for taking that action as a kind of back-story. In other words, many of our actions are taken, not because we logically thought them through. Instead, they arise out of a subconscious part of our personality. Later, we will fill in the rationale for the action.

This has many interesting connotations. Where does the impetus for our actions come from? Is it possible to become aware of the tendency to create stories afterwards? If so, is it possible to stop making stories, and just enjoy the adventure that unfolds from the decisions that we seem to make?

So, who are you? You aren’t the name you were given, or the labels people put on you. You aren’t the stories you tell yourself about the decisions that you make.  In fact, many of the things that we believe define us are actually just window-dressing.  Who we truly are can only be known by going deep within and re-connecting to the part of us that takes the actions, that exists beyond words.

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