Simultaneous Spatial Existences

By Jessica Osborn

Many of us in the spiritual community believe in past lives. Perhaps you have even had a flash of another lifetime, or thought you knew someone you had just met. These moments strengthen the belief; but what if these lives aren’t linear? We know time is a construct of the brain to aid us in making sense of everything around us. What if everything is happening now?

What if all your “past lives” are really happening at the exact same time in the exact same place, with only your brain shielding you from the chaos?  This is the theory of Simultaneous Spatial Existence.

Imagine you are two inches tall and perched on a slice of pie that has 4 inch paper walls on each side of each slice. At the center of the pie is a rod that is 8 inches tall. When you climb that rod and stand 8 inches above your slice, your view has expanded to include the other 7 slices. In actuality, you are the entire pie, except now you can actually see all the other yous in one static place.

The membranes between lives are thin, as is evidenced by so many of us remembering things from other lives. Perhaps those who experience multiple personality disorder have no filter between lives. They are experiencing each life all at once. With MPD, some people have exhibited totally different body chemistry while in different personalities. For example, one personality is a diabetic, while all the others are not. So, I do not lightly suggest that you rid yourself of the membranes.

What I do suggest is that by making use of the SSE knowledge, one can assist themselves and all their other selves via spiritual growth in this life.

For instance, if you know you have an anger problem, but no real reason for it, check your SSEs.  Perhaps in another life, there is a great injustice taking place. By aiding that part of you to release the anger, you release it also in this time. All of our lines work hand in hand, so to speak.  

The difference is, this particular slice of the pie knows there are other slices and is willing to aid those other souls. Yes, other souls.

Intrigued?  Stay tuned.

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