Are you Wasting Your Time?

By Dalva

One of the many theories about why we are here, living life, is that we are parts of the creator, or the one, experiencing life from many different viewpoints. Let’s imagine for a moment that this is true. We are here to experience life uniquely, to have an experience that no other being can have. If this is so, then a question is instantly raised: am I allowing myself to have a unique life experience?

Often in modern life, our point-of-view, opinions, ideas, and emotions are not our own. With the advent of mass media, the strong identity ties that most people have with a region, a country, a race, a style, or even a sports team, can take over the mind and cause them to experience life through a very narrow lens. When this happens, the unique perspective of that person is lost, and a cultural collective vision of life takes over.

If we are here to see things with the eyes that only we have, then allowing cultural elements to invade our vision leads to startling conclusion.

If you are not experiencing life from a unique perspective, then no matter what you accomplish, you are wasting your life.

So many of the activities that people engage in are coming from a place of cultural acceptance. People work out at the gym to look like the culture demands; they speak, act, and dress in ways that conform to cultural norms. They get their information from the same news source every day, they eat what advertisers and supposed experts tell them they should eat, they attend events that are culturally acceptable, and they watch the same television programs that all of their neighbors watch.

Where is the unique YOU in all of this? Where is the way that feels good to you, that excites you and sparks your imagination?

I used to walk the Seattle waterfront on my way to graduate classes. Most days I saw several people out running. I pitied them, because they looked so miserable. Why were they out there running? Because they thought they had to. They were fulfilling a goal that had nothing to do with who they were. Their eyes were fixed, and I could feel th4 willpower as they passed. Their effort was obvious.

There was this one woman, however, who did not fit that mold. She was a tiny Asian woman in her 50s, out most days, rain or shine. As she approached me, I could always see her face lit up with a serene and lovely smile. She loved running—that was clear. She seemed to be floating, almost dancing her run. Every day she met my eyes, and we smiled at each other. Our encounter was bliss.

It isn’t what you do. It’s why you are doing it. Run, if running is bliss. If not, find something else that is.

Take a few minutes to list the things you do because you have to. List the things you do because others expect it. Then list the things that you do because they make your heart sing—the things that make you unique. Only you get to decide: are you wasting your unique point of view?


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