Are You A.I.?

By Dalva

Society for some time has been interested in the idea of AI— artificial intelligence. This could be a robot with a computer mind that can think and feel. In a way, we are beings like that. Our consciousness has taken up bodies – a kind of housing that allows us to navigate in the particular construct that we call life. We also have a type of computer brain that operates like AI.

Our brain comes somewhat pre-programmed with certain instincts and behaviors. This is like the computer that we get from the store. Then our early life adds additional programming—like what we download, or system updates to programs on our computers. Just like a computer, our brain can be reprogrammed, added to, have files deleted. Certain programs fall out of use and can become degraded. As we get older, just like a computer, we get more full of programs. Memory files and fragments start to slow our thinking down.

This programming from family, friends, society, media takes on a life of its own.

We call this our personality, and we believe that the programs are who we are. That’s right— we believe our brain’s programming, which we usually just allow to run, is who we are. Essentially, we’re running an AI.

Descartes famously said, “I think, therefore I am.” It would have been more accurately put the other way around, but even “I am therefore I think” is still far from what truly is. You are no more your brain, your programming, or your thought patterns, than you are the computer that sits on your desk, or your lap.

Who you truly are is far beyond the limits of programming.

However, Descartes’s brain and yours, do not want you to be aware of who you really are, The Ego, or personality structure, struggles to stay alive, while who you really are knows very well that this is all a game and you could no more die than your avatar dying in a video game can wipe you out.

You are eternal.

Most self-help and spiritual programs fall far short in creating lasting change for people, because they’re really just teaching you how to reprogram your brain, while maintaining the fiction that your brain or personality is a real thing. Teaching you to manifest millions, or to attract your perfect car makes it seem that this life is real and vitally important. To erase old programs and then re-establish pathways to new ones is a long, boring, tedious process. There is a shortcut for those who truly want to be free of the tyranny of the self, to truly be free:

Bypass the brain and all of its programming completely. While this sounds simple, and it is, it is not easy for those who want to hang on to most of what they believe they are. Once you break free from the bounds of self and mind there is no going back. There is no normal, there is no fitting in. In fact, you don’t care about those things at all anymore.

As you pull away from the intensity with which most people experience life, you begin to see it like a maze.

You have been a few feet from your goal all along you just couldn’t see it.

If you jump the lines of the maze–Game Over. Is there any reason why in chess you couldn’t just have the pawns move anyway you decide? You agree to play a game by the rules— or if you’re like me, you don’t. You only have to play by the rules of life that you agree to. You can stop playing by those rules anytime. Many of the great spiritual adepts knew this. Walk on water? Why not? Just stop agreeing to the rule of the game that says things sink into water. On a certain level we know this to be true. Money? A game and we agree to its rules. The paper we trade around, or the numbers on the computer have no more actual value then monopoly money. We agree on its value and use it accordingly. It is all just a game, created by words and thoughts. You can stop playing anytime.

When you get out of your head, stop letting words put a spell on you, and stop running those programs, you are free from believing in the game.

For help in figuring out what is you, and what is a program, check out our Seven Soul Path

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