The Trouble With Archetypes

Consensus reality begins, in a sense, at the level of archetypes. If you look back through history, you will notice the same sorts of people keep being born and acting in similar ways. The same sorts off events keep repeating. If you look at literature and movies, you will notice the same stories, themes and plots. If you look at mythology, you will notice how all of these widespread cultures have really similar deities, who all seem to have the same attributes and adventures. Why is this? Do humans lack imagination?

I have a theory. As Infinite Consciousness coalesced into forms, it formed patterns. These patterns became templates for life as we know it. These patterns could then be personified into gods or people. That might not seem problematic, and in many ways, it is helpful to understand those templates. The mother, the jealous lover, the divine child, the world-dominator, the sacrifice for greater good—if you recognize these patterns, then you know exactly what is going on, and what to expect next.

On a personal level, however, if you are living out an archetype, or an archetypal situation, you limit your expression and ability to change. Those patterns can exert a strong pull. Stories are strong—they pull us in and are hard to resist.

Think of someone you know who is a “the victim.” They play that part very well. As long as they stay in that role, their life will proceed along predictable lines. People will be cruel and take advantage of them. If someone wonderful who will treat them well shows up, they won’t even be able to see that person. They are stuck in the story. Even if it feels awful, it still feels normal. They are stuck in the pattern.

On a larger scale, archetypes create problems in consensus reality. The great empire is a pattern played out over and over in history. Sometimes it is for hundreds of years—as in the Roman Empire, and sometime not for long at all—as in Hitler’s aspirations. Whenever it shows up, there are always disastrous consequences. People suffer and die, cultures are decimated, and hierarchies are built.

The problem with archetypal patterns in that they lock people, groups, and countries into destructive patterns. These patterns are so ingrained that people rarely stop to question them. They are tools that allow people to be easily manipulated by those who understand archetypes. Because of their depth in the human psyche, people can easily get caught up in those stories without even realizing what is happening.

Identifying the archetypes can help you to catch on when you are being manipulated. It is the first step to breaking free. Seeing that you are greater than long-standing sets of behavior patterns imposing themselves on consensus reality lets you take your power back. Withdraw your power from constructs such as religion, political parties, nationalism, and personality types. Start to self-identify as that which is the true you—that which is beyond story and pattern. You are one with all consciousness and creation, so you do not have to act out those old patterns any more.

Once you realize that you no longer need to be restrained by patterns, you can make free choices.

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