Radical Trust

If you have been following the blog so far, you have been building a mind-set that lays a foundation for a life of peace and freedom.

  • Once you know that you are the higher consciousness that is not affected by what happens to your body, many of the worries of life fall away. Energy cannot be destroyed, so you cannot be destroyed. Death is a meaningless concept.
  • If you are consciousness, who cares what your body looks like?
  • ‘If you are all that is, then you are never alone, and you lack nothing,
  • You ARE love, so you cannot lack love.
  • On the highest level, as love, there is nothing you need to fear, fix, or improve about yourself. You are already perfection.
  • If you are beyond patterns and archetypes, you can can change into anything you wish, and there is nothing left for you to accomplish.
  • You cannot fall short if there is nothing that you have to do.
  • If you are one with everyone and everything at the highest level, who is there to fear or hate?
  • If you have decided at a higher level to create circumstances, then they really cannot hurt you, ultimately.

The big question is: do you trust your highest self

to have your best interests at heart? 

If you are here because you wanted to come and play a game where you could forget that you are love, that you are all-powerful and all consciousness, why not enjoy the game? You are so one with all that is that you created the game and the rules for the game.

Just like any other game, the rules are self-imposed. You don’t have to follow rules. You choose to do so. You could play Monopoly with checkers pieces, and decide that all the landowners have to pay the people who land on their squares instead of the other way around. Who would stop you? Legal tender is no different than Monopoly money. We just agree on its value. It’s all colored paper.

You Have Options


You came here to play–so play! Throw yourself in with both feet. Really commit to your role. Haven’t you noticed how much people love their drama? We would never read a book or watch a movie about someone who has a perfectly peaceful life, would we?  Really get into it. Suffer and rejoice! Milk it all for the experience! Your role is amazing, so play for all you are worth, and pretend that all of it is crucially important. This is when you feel as if your part in the movie of life is real. Just remember that the role only lasts as long as this game lasts.


Root for your team, but don’t put your life on the line. Sports fans know how much fun that can be. You can be a committed Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Catholic, Muslim, Environmentalist, Survivalist, etc. You are looking at movements on a larger stage, and are emotionally attached to how those movements play out. Your state of mind is impacted by the battles won and lost by your larger group. It is as if you get lost int he movie, feeling as if the world it portrays is real.  Just remember that these games will someday end, and you are never really touched by the outcome.


You can stop identifying with any teams at all. When you do, you can watch dispassionately as everyone else plays out their roles and games. With no emotional investment, it is a fascinating experience. When you are in this state, you can create your own game with its own rules, or just not play at all. This is when you know you are watching a movie, and none of it matters as soon as the credits roll.

This is much more enjoyable than being so lost in the game that you believe it is real. Those who think the movie is real life believe that there are winners and losers. They can become cruel and heartless, hurting others to win.


The pay-off for checking out of the game, or creating your own, is that you can relax. You already know the outcome. Nobody wins, nobody loses. You are completely safe. No one can actually hurt you. You are infinite. With that knowledge comes peace. There is nothing to fear and nothing to do.

Also, you become kind. You see how others are caught up in the game, believing its reality, and so you have compassion. You have joy, because you can enjoy everything exactly as it is. You see the biggest picture, so you understand what is going on.


Nothing can shake the knowledge that the ultimate outcome of everything is good. Once you see the infinite, you know that all is good. And you know that you are all good.


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