The Trouble with Archetypes Continued

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Archetypes can be seen as M fields, or energy patterns. Frequently, the level of such energy patterns is low. Energy patterns cause entrainment, or alignment. When you identify with an archetype–consciously or unconsciously–you come into alignment with the energy pattern of that archetype. By aligning with a low energy patterns, a person is constantly drained of power, and sees a false model of the world.

For example: when you play a video game, there are a limited number of pre-set avatars to choose from. Think of these as archetypes. The majority of the avatars are limited, some more than others, but all restrict your abilities, your gender, your levels of strength, intelligence, power, healing, and so on. By choosing an avatar, you have created self-limitation. You have aligned with a particular type of energy field.

In life, we may choose to align with various archetypes to become the avatar of a person on the planet earth. Then, we allow society to create even more energy fields to limit us. If you align with a geek archetype, you limit yourself in one way, and is you choose the femme fatale archetype, you limit yourself in other ways. The mother, the rebel, the CEO, the addict, the victim–all these are energy patterns, and some of them are very low energy patterns. They can drain away your life and your power.

On a higher level, any archetypal pattern at all can limit you, because it keeps you from knowing the truth–

you are unlimited.

The reason we do not understand or remember our own unlimited nature is that most of us identify with our avatar. We believe we are the person on our birth certificate, and we have the stories to prove it. We have long stories about who we are. They are all fictional–just like the back-story of our video game characters.

When we accept an identity and align ourselves with a controlling formation system, we are like people looking at life through a camera lens, If you try looking at your surroundings through a camera, and then pulling away, you can see how much is left out of your world when you see through a lens. We see all of life through a limited view point. There is so much out there that we cannot see.

By no longer identifying with archetypes, energy patterns, our avatar and back-story,  we can free ourselves to be unlimited and to see more of what is there. We can see ourselves, others, and life more clearly. We can also free ourselves o align with higher energy systems such as love, joy, and peace. These have no story, no agenda, and no desire to control.

Living in love and peace takes us in the direction of being limitless.


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