Manifesting or Allowing?

The manifesting movement has gotten really popular in the past few years. After the advent of The Secret, programs to help you create your day and change your life began to abound. If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you will know that we have often discussed how in many ways, we are creating our reality. Who we are inside definitely affects the world outside of us.

But can we actually manipulate the world around us? More importantly, should we be doing that?

To a certain extent, with effort, we can change our world. Yet, constantly focusing on changing our outer experience makes us forget some very important things:

  • We are in a shared reality. That means that you cannot change everything around you. Since we are sharing the creation, not all of it is within your control, and you are not creating all of it on a personal level. It also means that your manipulations might actually cause harm to others. You may change things in a way that hurts those around you. You may raise yourself up in a way that puts others down.
  • Trying to decide what you want to make happen from the ego’s point of view will probably result in less-than-optimum outcomes. Your ego may really think that you need to win the lottery, or have a sexy new spouse. Your ego is not really a good judge of what will really bring you the most peace and joy.
  • Choosing to create things that culture tells you are important will not aid your spiritual self. What is really important in the span of eternity? Is that what you are trying to manifest? Or, are you trying to manifest a new sports car to impress your neighbors?
  • Manifesting practices can often take the place of spiritual practices. What’s more important, inner peace, or a bigger house?
  • The practice of manifesting itself comes from a place of lack. If you already know that you have everything, why do you need to do affirmations about abundance?
  • Manifesting gets in the way of allowing.  Allowing is such an important practice. The acceptance of things a they are ends striving and brings peace.

The real sting int he tail of manifesting is that it is inefficient. Results are small for lots of work. The best way to change your outer life isn’t to practice manifesting. The best way to change your life is to practice inner peace, and the knowing of who you really are.

Or, as Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God, and all (that you need) will be yours as well.”

So, Who are you, really? You are divinity, you are one with the whole universe and all that is beyond it. What could you possibly be missing? You are already all you seek. Placing yourself in that experience will make sure that you do not lack anything that the divine wishes you to have. Removing yourself from that experience can block your peace and abundance. You can’t, however, seek peace to get THINGS. That will never work. Just know that as you practice experiencing all you are, the rest will be taken care of in the best way.

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