The Desire of Your Heart

Listen to your heart. What is it saying? Most of us have long confused the desires of our minds for the desires of our hearts. We seek fame and fortune, love and family, recognition and success, and still are left feeling empty because what we don’t have is the desire of our hearts. Our cultures tell us what we should desire, but what we really want, what we really really want, has nothing to do with all of the things that are advertised in the all-pervasive media.

Haven’t you ever wondered why the rich and powerful, famous and beautiful, still end up unhappy, divorced, or addicted to drugs and alcohol? If what they have really is their heart’s desire, then shouldn’t they be the happiest people on earth? Sadly, it isn’t so, because–despite what we are taught by relentless marketing campaigns– our heart’s desire is not met by anything external.

The voice of culture is loud and distracting, and makes it difficult to hear the voice of our hearts. I think, however, that the time is coming, when people are tired of the endless pursuit of things that end up being meaningless. It is now time to listen to the quiet voice of the heart–the one that can only be heard in stillness. What it has to say will set you free, give you an inner knowing that will lead you forward, and bring a satisfaction that you never could have dreamed.

Welcome to the desires of your heart. 

Take some time to really focus on what your heart is saying. What fills you with deep longing? The desire of your heart has little to do with money, success, and power. Instead, your heart’s desires are about bringing all of who you truly are into the world.

In our next posts, we’ll delve deeper into making your heart’s desires known to yourself.

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