Be Still and Know

We think of knowing as something that comes from collecting information. We live in an information-driven society, so why wouldn’t accumulating more facts be a good thing? Knowing and information are different. Knowing comes from an inner connection to experience. You know your name. You know what your favourite color is. You do not need to collect data or do a survey, this is something that you know. You know what your hometown is like, because you have lived there. This is an experience that has nothing to do with thinking about facts.

This kind of experience can only come from an intimacy with another. In the King James bible, this term was used for when two people had sex and created a child. They “knew” each other. There was a depth to this idea. When you know your child or your best friend, it isn’t a collection of facts that causes this knowing, it is an experience of who that person is that you know. You know their scent, the feeling that they give you by their presence and absence, what their laugh sounds like, how they feel when you hug them, the flash of their eyes when they are angry, and the sense of their soul. This is not a random collection of facts, it is a connection and an experience.

This kind of knowing is built on opening yourself to the essence of the other, and spending time with them. It is deepest in complete silence. The brain is not chattering, facts aren’t being shared, there is just a togetherness that creates intimacy.

Do you know your own heart? When was the last time you created an opportunity to connect to it in silence and let it speak to you in that way that encompasses all of experience? When did you last encounter your heart?

This journey will take you on a path that will help you to encounter your heart and to hear it well enough that you can discern its desires. What you find may surprise you, but as you honor your heart, you may find that your life goes down a surprising, but fulfilling, path.

Exercise to hear your heart:

Today, take at least ten minutes to get to know your heart. Using a piece of paper–not a computer–write your heart a letter telling it how important it is to you. Thank it for connecting you to those you love. Then, allow it to write you back. What does it want to say to you?

Are you having trouble connecting with your heart? Let our Coaching Services help you tune in to what your heart is trying to tell you.

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