Moving From a Binary to Quantum State

We currently live in a binary world. Computers are based on the opposing poles of ones and zeroes. Either on or off. Not only that, everything in modern life seems to be getting more and more extreme. People are at odds over almost any issue you can name. There is little middle ground, or willingness to compromise, listen, or understand. This is a state of (Either/Or). In this state, people see each other as enemies, are frightened of those who are different, and are unable to see other points of view as valid. This way of being blocks creativity and problem-solving.

When we live in a binary mind-set, we can only live out our programming. The reason Artificial Intelligence does not function like a human being is because it is limited by this (Either/Or) trap. AI can’t be creative, it can’t see things from a different angle, it doesn’t problem-solve. AI can’t think like a human. If we use (Either/Or) as a primary way of seeing the world, we can’t think like a human either. Instead, we play out the programs given to us by society, by family patterns, by advertising, schooling, government, political parties, big business, and cultural influences. When we act out of programming, we can’t see clearly or think for ourselves. We also can’t BE ourselves.

Moving to the Quantum

In the quantum world, these polar opposites do not exist in the same way. At the quantum level, all is interconnected and complementary. Opposites are seen as simply two ends of the same stick, which have to meet in the middle. In the quantum state, all possibilities exist equally. When people are in this state, they exist in a place of (Both/And). In this state, one is able to see from another’s point of view, truly listen, and think creatively. Responsiveness and authenticity are increased as entire pictures are formed, instead of just two extreme positions.

When we understand that seemingly opposing things can both be true, that all things are both true and false, our minds are freed from the shackles of habit and programming, and we see more of the possibilities that are available to us, both individually and collectively.

Human programming resists the idea that seemingly opposing ideas can both be true. Yet, we live in these states all the time. For example, both the statement:

“You are incredibly important.”

and the statement:

“You are really not that important at all.”

are true. They seem to be in opposition, but really, depending on how you are looking at things, they are not. In the same way, each position has many nuances.

When we begin learning to look at every statement, situation, and position as something on a continuum, existing within an interconnected net of interactions and points-of-view, the world becomes much more real and much more beautiful. We also become much more authentic and powerful.

How to Move Towards a Quantum State of Awareness

At the quantum level, everything is possible. This is the level that manifesting a new reality comes form. Everyone is talking about manifesting, but they aren’t doing the groundwork that lets them get there. You can’t manifest out of a programmed mind-set.

If we want to live in that sea of infinite possibility, it’s time to start backing off from battles over position, and expanding our awareness to see more of what is actually there. You can begin by listening to the “other side” and really hearing them out and seeing where they are coming from. You can connect with them on a human level and find places where your mindset and theirs are complementary. Many times, people who seem to be on opposing sides of an issue really have the same outcomes at heart. For example, both liberals and conservatives want the economy to be healthy and for people to be employed. Both teachers and administrators want a good education for students. There are many examples like these. Can you find that place of agreement?

You can also look for places where two opposing statements can be true. The mind backs away from this, but the more you practice it, the wider your awareness becomes.

With time and practice we can move from a programmed, to a free state of being.

This is one area where life coaching can really help. Sometimes, we need another’s help to see through our programming. If you would like to start the process of freeing your mind, check out our Life Coaching Services


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