The Thoughts of Your Heart– Or, Clear your Internal Hard Drive

I used to wonder how people knew that certain plants had healing chemical properties or tasted good. Now I realize that people could hear what the plants were saying to them. The plants speak constantly, and respond to us, we just aren’t listening or talking back. Recent studies have shown that plants actually change their nutritional composition to match the needs of the person who plants and cares for them!

As language got written down, the written word growing in use, humans began to gather knowledge, write it down, and memorize it. Yet, the truth is, if you remain in touch with your membership in the life process, there is nothing your brain needs to know about such things. You can walk into the Woods and hear the warning of the poison oak: “stay away!” You can hear the call of the Willow—”I ease pain.”

I am not recommending that you head out to the woods and start eating berries or mushrooms! We have all been too far away from nature for too long to feel confident in those skills. It might be fun to start listening, though. When you take a walk, what are the trees saying? Can you Hear when the birds are calling out an alarm? What energy can you sense from flowers?

Do you remember in the Mary Poppins book how the babies could hear animals speaking? Yet, as they learned human language, they could no longer hear the speech of the birds. So it is. Speech—oral and written language—causes dependence. Once we became hooked on them, we stopped listening to the more subtle language all around us. It is as if we are trying to hear the sound of a single flute while the huge brass band is marching by. Even when we aren’t seeing words or hearing them, our minds chatter on. Words, words, words.

The best information does not come from words. It comes from the heart. Those tender, subtle, soft messages that need no words at all. Any mouth may say, “I love you,” but only a specific kind of gentle touch can convey that message in its fullest sense. Words may lie; they so frequently do. That which is beyond words, however, can never lie. If you listen to the true speech, you can never be lied to. You will disregard the words and hear only that one flute playing. You can train your ear to the subtle.

Jesus said, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”

Notice he does not say “thinks in his mind”.

Most of us don’t think of the heart having thoughts, yet scientists now know that there are heart and brain cells all over the body. Mind thoughts come from anywhere and everywhere. They are random programs that we pick up throughout life: the TV show you watched last night, the admonitions of your parents, the song you heard in the elevator. Mind thoughts are in words. Think of words as the computer code that creates programs. Those programs just keep running, even when you do not want them to run.

Jesus is not saying that these mental programs define you. They don’t. That is important to understand. Words, thoughts, they are not YOU. They don’t come from you. Let me say it again—thoughts do not define you.

Heart thoughts, on the other hand, are like the computer’s hard drive. They are the essence of your being. They generate creation and being. In the same way that sound waves can create structure, as in Dr Hans Jennys research, heart thoughts send out a resonant energetic frequency that determines your life’s structure.

The saying “all smoke and mirrors” reflects the nature of your reality as it is created by your heart energy.

The mirrors are a direct reflection of yourself. Everything that you encounter in life is just reflecting back to you the energetic signature that you are putting out. You fall and hurt yourself, you are reflecting a need to self-punish, perhaps. You have a heart attack because your body is reflecting back your troubles with loving and accepting love. You meet an angry person at the grocery store because you are pushing down some anger that needs to be dealt with, and so on.

The smoke is more indirect. It represents that fact that we rarely see anything clearly, or as it truly is. WE see through the programs that we are running in our minds and hearts. These programs are usually based on the past, our experiences and beliefs. We don’t see others; we see our ideas about them. We don’t experience what’s happening, we experience our story about what is happening, We project these programs onto life, the same way that a movie can be projected onto smoke.

Don’t misunderstand—many of these frequencies that you are putting out are not things that you are aware of. Some of them may come from ancestors. Some may come from the place you are, or the culture that you belong to.

However, once you understand that all you are experiencing is smoke and mirrors, and you understand that it is the resonance coming from your heart that is creating those experiences, then you know how to change your life.

We aren’t really talking about your physical heart here, though it is part of the equation. We are talking about the energetic center of your true self—the part of you that connects the physical and emotional world to the entire source of energy beyond the world.

For most of us, this connection is poor, clogged up with negative experiences and the frequencies we drag along from others, and from the world around us. To free up our essential selves, we must delete all the programs that are projecting smoke. We find those programs by looking into the mirrors we come into contact with every day.

See it in a mirror—find its root—clear the smoke. See where it came from, delete the program.

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