Services We Offer

Personal Holistic Coaching $80/hr

Find your Life path, Career path, or Spiritual path. Individual Coaching may be done via Skype, or individually. In the Seattle area, we can come to you. Cost of these sessions depends on travel.

If you are interested in personal coaching, we have sessions geared toward the challenges faced by Highly Sensitive People. The workplace and relationships can be especially difficult for HSPs, so we can help you to work with your abilities instead of against them. These sessions can also be done via Skype.

Individual Tarot Reading

Via Skype, $50 for 1/2 hour. Includes two lay-outs.

Learn to Read Tarot Lessons

Via Skype or in-person in the Seattle area. $80 an hour. Includes a reading each session. You may buy a package of 5 sessions for $300.

Seven Souls

We have developed a system to help you understand your entire self and its journey on earth. You can get to know yourself, and align your life with your highest values and goals.

If you would like, you can start a group to work on the Seven Souls, we offer Skype sessions anywhere in the world. Each Individual one hour session is $80. Soul groups may have up to five people, and are $200 an hour for all 5.

We also offer sessions for Reiki, hypnosis, Naming Ceremonies, Weddings, Meditation and Guided Meditation for individuals and groups, Soul Retrieval, and Tarot Readings.

Mayan Dreamspell Readings:

You may have a reading done simply by sending an email with your request and birth day.  Please include your phone number. The reading takes between 60 and 75 minutes. I will record our conversation and sending you that, plus your Energetic Core Structure, and all other paperwork I create.  A single reading is $120.00. If you want a comparison chart for you and someone else, seeing how you work together energetically, it is $150. Family trees can be done, death readings can be done and age progression readings.


Call or email today for more information. Mentioning an article from this site will give you a 5% discount.



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