Career Coaching Services


Personal Career Coaching $80/hr

Dalva combines years of working with people to find their path with formal training in career counseling. She takes into consideration all aspects of life and personality when helping you to find your best vocation. The process includes a discovery of who you are along with practical steps to create and explore your dreams. 

Fees may be negotiated on a sliding scale or graduated payment for people who are unemployed/underemployed. Be sure to ask for this service if you need it.

Coaching may be done via Skype, or in person. In the Seattle area, I can come to you. Cost of these sessions depends on travel.

If you are interested in career coaching, we have sessions geared toward the challenges faced by Highly Sensitive People. The workplace and relationships can be especially difficult for HSPs, so we can help you to work with your abilities instead of against them. These sessions can also be done via Skype.


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