Classes Offered

All classes may be one session, billed at the $120 hourly rate, or purchased as a packet:    2 Sessions: $220          4 Sessions $375            6 Sessions: $450

Classes may also be done as a group. Contact us for group rates.

Find your Career

Stuck on your life’s journey and not sure how to move ahead into fulfilling work? This class will help you find a career path that fits your personality and that inspires you daily. It delves into your personality style, what makes you unique, and where your soul finds excitement, and gives you tools to enable you to move forward in pursuing your dreams.

This intensive workshop will help you get to know yourself better, and let you in on the options you have to create meaningful work.

Tarot Reading for Beginners

Have you always wanted to know how to read Tarot, but didn’t know how to start? This hands-on approach to traditional tarot will go over the meaning of the cards, basic spreads, and offer you a chance to practice hearing what the cards have to say. We will use the traditional Tarot deck, but also look at other decks for reference.  Please have your own deck of cards available.

Dream Work

Dreams are important messengers from the soul. They give us information that we need, but often we miss the messages that are trying to break through. This class will help you learn how to work with your dreams, use dream imagery in meditation, and interpret your dreams so you can use your inner wisdom in everyday life. For best effectiveness, please plan to write down and bring in one dream per session that you would like to work with. The class will use the book Dreaming the Soul Back Home by Robert Moss. Please purchase a copy (it is available in ebook or paperback format).  Signing up for multiple sessions is encouraged. People at any level of dream work experience may join.

Meditation 101

The science is in, and it indicates that meditation is good for your physical and mental health! Yet many people struggle with achieving meditation, or are not even sure how to begin. This class will use the latest sound and guided meditation techniques, and teach you one step at a time how to quiet your mind and get in touch with stillness. We will work with Open Focus, walking meditation, Yoga Nidra (no exercise required!), and descent into stillness as you move towards more peace in every area of your life.

Writing from the Soul

Do you want to write, but don’t know how to get started? Do you want to tell your story but can’t find the words? Are you a writer, but stuck at the moment? This class will use proven methods to take you deep within and allow you to bring out the story your soul is longing to tell. If desired, concrete help with writing style can be given, but the class will focus on helping you to get in touch with deep levels of symbol and meaning. You are encouraged to bring writing with you each time, but we will also write in class, so a journal and writing instruments will need to be brought to each class.. People at any level of writing experience may join.

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